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Adapted Kachumbari Salad

Adapted Tabbouleh

Adapted Tanzanian Sambusas

Apple Cinnamon Donut Bread (ADM)

Apple Cinnamon Muesli

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies

Apple Crisp

Apple Potato Salad


Autumn Squash Bisque

Avocado Ranch Dressing

Avocado Tahini Dressing


Baba Ganoush

Baked Apples

Baked Berry Oatmeal

Baked Buffalo Cauliflower "Wings"

Baked Flautas

Baked Parmesan Fish

Balsamic Dressing

Balsamic Vinaigrette

Banana Brigadeiro

Banana Pancakes

Basic Tamale Dough

Beet Hummus

Black Bean Broccoli Quesadillas

Black Bean Brownies

Black Bean Burgers

Black Bean Dip

Black Bean Wrap

Blueberry, Banana, Orange Sunshine Muffins

Blueberry Shortcake

Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast Pumpkin Cookies

Brown Rice Pilaf with Sage, Walnuts, and Dried Fruit 

Buttermilk Biscuits (ADM)


Cabbage, Broccoli, and Cauliflower Salad

Caesar Dressing

Carrot Potato Ginger Soup

Cauliflower Chickpea Masala

Cheese and Corn Empanadas

Cherry Handpie

Chicken and Green Chili Tamale Filling

Chicken Enchilada Soup

Chicken Fricassee with Saffron and Wild Mushrooms

Chickpea Burgers

Chickpea Peanut Butter Cookies

Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Chickpea Soup

Chilled Watermelon Soup

Chocolate Banana Froyo

Chocolate Cake (ADM)

Chocolate Tofu Pie

Chunky Potato Pepper Soup

Classic Potato Leek Soup

Clean Out The Fridge Minestrone

Coconut Mango Sticky Rice

Colorful Black Bean Salad

Cowboy Caviar

Cranberry-Stuffed Pork Chops

Creamy Dill Potato Salad

Creamy Fruit Salad

Creamy Vegan Garlic Pasta

Crispy Salmon Patties

Crunchy Rainbow Wrap

Curried Sausage and Potato Skewers

Curry, Carrot & White Bean Spread


Devil's Food Cake (ADM)


Elderberry Elixir

Empanada Dough

Enchilada Casserole