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"Cooking is both simpler and more necessary than we imagine. It has in recent years come to seem a complication to juggle against other complications, instead of what it can be - a clear path through them."             - Tamar Adler An Everlasting Meal 

One out of seven people, including one in four kids, struggles with hunger in Spokane and the Inland Northwest. Second Harvest helps fill this gap providing a half a million pounds of free food each week to 250 food banks, meal sites and other programs that are feeding people in need. 

This culture of collaboration dates back more than four decades and puts Second Harvest in a unique position to convene community partners at the intersection between hunger and health. Today, The Kitchen at Second Harvest increases health, wellness and self-sufficiency through:

  • Scratch cooking lessons
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Recipe testing
  • Meal sampling
  • Nutrition education

The Kitchen empowers families to reduce or eliminate the foods that contribute to obesity and nutrition-related health conditions. Children and adults learn to make healthy yet economical food choices, helping them move out of poverty.

Are you a community partner looking for program opportunities with the Second Harvest Kitchen? Fill out our Program Request form and email to Jandyl, Kitchen Manager at jandyl.doak@2-harvest.org to get more information. 

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