Use the pages below to find the recipe you're looking for, or to find inspiration for something new to make! We are always adding more recipes to our pages as we teach our cooking classes, so check back often for new additions.  If you would like to find all the recipes used at an event you attended, go to The Kitchen's Calendar of Events, find the event you attended, and there you will see links to all the recipes used.

Recipes by Ingredient (click here)

Have an abundance of potatoes? Don't know what to make with the lentils in your cupboard?  Need find something to make with the wilting veggies in your refrigerator? This page will link you to recipes that feature specific ingredients.

Recipes A-Z (click here)

All of our recipes in one place! If you're having a hard time finding a specific recipe, hold down the "Ctrl" and "F" keys simultaneously which will bring up a search bar you can use it to look up key words in the recipe title.

Recetas en Español (haga clic aquí)

¿Busca una receta traducida al español? Esta página lo llevará a algunos de nuestros favoritos de cocina traducidos para su conveniencia. 

Recipes by Dietary Preference (click here)

If you are looking to find vegan or gluten free recipes, or if you want to adapt a recipe so that it can be vegan or gluten free, follow this link. This page also lists out recipes that are kid-friendly and recipes that are easy to make from ingredients found in senior boxes.

Recipes by Meal Type (click here)

Looking for a recipe to make a breakfast, a salad dressing, or a main dish? You'll find ideas for all of these (and more!) in this page, where our recipes are categorized by meal type.

International Cuisines (click here)

Interested in exploring cuisines from different countries? Here we have simplified recipes from various regions that will expand your knowledge on global cooking.

Tom's Turkey Drive Recipes (click here)

Now that you have your turkey, veggies, and other ingredients for the perfect Thanksgiving meal, lets take a look at some classic recipes on how to prepare everything in that box!  You'll even find some creative ideas for leftovers that go beyond the turkey sandwich.

Special Event Recipes (click here)

The Kitchen at Second Harvest hosts fundraising events and paid cooking classes to help support the free classes we offer to our clients.These recipes typically require more time and might require special equipment or ingredients unlike our other recipes, but sometimes you just want something special! Here you'll find the recipes from these fundraising events in The Kitchen.   

Check out the following pages for additional recipes & other cooking resources: