Nutrition Education Staff

Emily Kanally- Senior Vice President of Nutrition Education

Emily Kanally is a long time employee with Second Harvest. Her experience in the Volunteer Center and years working at a 5-star hotel make her an excellent fit for our growing nutrition education department and mobile market program. She’s excited to combine her customer service skills and culinary background to implement nutrition education programs that help support the health goals of families in need in Washington State.

Emily on why food equity, volunteerism and Second Harvest matter to her:  “I’ve always had a passion for food and feeding people, and I wanted to turn that passion into a career. From a young age my parents taught me the importance of cooking and growing my own food.  I feel that it’s my responsibility to serve others in any way I can and I hope to use the knowledge and skills I have cultivated during my culinary career to further the progress of the Nutrition Eduation Department at Second Harvest. We are excited to invite Spokane to visit The Kitchen and to use it as a resource for learning cooking skills, nutrition and even corporate team building, all while allowing us to provide healthy food to those in need.”

Mindy Wallis - Nutrition Education Director - SNAP Ed

Mindy joined the nutrition team in 2016 to help create and implement nutrition education plans for partner agencies. She also supervises Second Harvest’s Washington Service Corps team and the school Mobile Food Bank program. Most recently, Wallis worked as an educator with Food $ense at Washington State University Extension, and as a healthy living coordinator at YMCA of the Inland Northwest, overseeing and assisting with community programs such as diabetes prevention, youth obesity prevention, LIVESTRONG at the YMCA, cardiac rehab, and other nutrition and health-related initiatives. Wallis, a registered dietician, earned her Bachelors of Science in exercise physiology and nutrition from Washington State University in 2009. 

Gage Catherman - Nutrition Education Director - Mobile Market & Agency Relations

Gage joined Second Harvest in 2017 as an intern from Gonzaga University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in History. You may wonder how history fits with Nutrition Education, but people have been eating food since the dawn of time, so what could be a better fit?! From studying the art of bread making to learning new ways to prepare tofu, Gage always loves to be in the kitchen. He is excited to share this passion for nutritious, healthy foods with people through the Mobile Market program which helps bring hunger relief to urban and rural communities of the Inland Northwest. When not at work, you can find Gage exploring the culinary scenes of the Inland NW or sifting through the shelves of Spokane’s many record stores. If you run into Gage make sure to ask him about his traditional Irish shepherd’s pie recipe (the secret is in the potatoes). Go Zags!!

Reagran Lara - Nutrition Education Manager - Mobile Market

Reagran Lara has been with Second Harvest since 2019 and has had several different responsibilities utilizing all of her life experiences. While raising her children she found a real purposefulness for community service. Her professional background in transportation, logistics, and project management has allowed her to be flexible and efficient in all that she does. All of this knowledge, along with her sincere passion for the mission at hand, is what brought Reagran to Second Harvest.

Currently, as the Nutrition Education Manager, Reagran is handling the operations for the Mobile Markets out of the Pasco Distribution Center. Reagran says “My 2H Why is that I have a lot of love for humanity and want to make a difference in the well-being of others. I want to contribute my abilities and willingness into helping people and solving problems. I want to touch people’s heart and make a difference in their lives for the better. If I can help shed another’s burden, then that is what I want to do. To be a part of providing healthy meals for those that are food insecure is where I belong, and want to be. I am so grateful to be able to do what I do every day here at Second Harvest!”

Jandyl - Nutrition Education Manager - Kitchen Programs

Jandyl has been with Second Harvest as a supporter, board member and employee for over 20 years. She is excited about coaching clients in the kitchen and teaching them about the fun and health benefits of creating wholesome, scratch cooked meals in their own kitchens. Jandyl is an avid gardener, food preserver and certified Master Composter. She is also a retired Ironman triathlete and very proud Grandma. 

Todd Kennedy - Nutrition Education Associate - Mobile Market Driver

Todd has been with Second Harvest for six years. He has done everything from building orders for our Grocery Rescue Program to driving fleet trucks for pick-ups and deliveries. Todd is now part of the Nutrition Education team as our Mobile Market Coordinator.  This means he will drive our Mobile Market Kraft truck and our upcoming Mobile Market Bus, as well as facilitate all food distributions with each vehicle. Todd has a passion for feeding those in need and has tons of energy to get the job done.  If you ever see him out on the road give him a wave! Welcome to the team Todd!

Melissa Johnson - Nutrition Education Associate - Agency Relations

Melissa joined The Kitchen as a volunteer in 2016, and now works with volunteers and the Kitchen team to coordinate training opportunities and programming to put into action what we aim to do – cook delicious, healthy food in our communities! 

She believes in the power of scratch cooking, meal planning, and gathering for a shared meal to create not only empowered, resilient communities, but also a healthy food culture centered around local and seasonal foods.  Using experiential learning methods, Melissa has led trainings in areas she is passionate about, including food preservation, composting, traditional soapmaking, and language learning.

Melissa holds a MA in Sustainable Development from SIT Graduate institute in Vermont, and a BA in Anthropology from WSU.

Ben Prez - Nutrition Education Associate - Agency Relations

Ben first came to Second Harvest in 2017 as a Nutrition Educator and Americorps member and found the opportunity to unite two of his passions:  helping people and nutritious and tasty food (cooking, sharing, and eating).  After a brief foray into homeless services based social work he returned as a member of the Agency Relations department in spring of 2020. 

A history of volunteering at soup kitchens, working as an Americorps member in a food pantry in inner city Brooklyn NY and volunteering at the Missoula Food Bank made Second Harvest a logical arrival spot.  His varied background includes a journalism degree from the University of Montana, working in an Indian restaurant, and spending time as a member of an indie folk-rock band. 

Ben now works in conjunction with a large number of Second Harvest partner agencies and helps enhance their quality of experience and communication for these food pantries and meal programs as they work towards a shared goal of ending hunger in the Inland Northwest and North Idaho. 

Corinn Bryant - Washington Service Corps AmeriCorps - Mobile Markets

Corinn joined Second Harvest after volunteering in the sort room and at our drive-through distributions. She is the new Washington Service corps Americorps member with the Mobile Market. She has a degree in Nutrition Science with a minor in Biochemistry from Montana State University.  She is planning on earning her Registered Dietician Certification and working in pediatrics. She is passionate about meeting new people,  giving back to the community, and providing people with nutritional guidance and resources to promote healthy eating in their daily lives.