Kitchen Facility

Community Cooking Classes in 2023 have generously been sponsored by Coordinated Care who is helping build healthier communities one meal at a time. 

The Kitchen at Second Harvest houses a kitchen classroom and meeting space as well as a commercial production-style kitchen, all in 1,700 square feet. The kitchen classroom is designed as a teaching, demonstration and test kitchen for instructors to offer hands-on scratch cooking and nutrition education lessons to guests. Our instructors range from volunteers with a desire to help others learn about healthy lifestyles to accomplished chefs with a passion to teach others elements of their craft.

What is the teaching kitchen?

Our teaching kitchen is specifically designed to emulate a well-equipped home-style kitchen environment. The highlight of our space is the chef station island which offers dual induction ranges, ovens, a prep sink, microwave and ample counter space with seating. This sits underneath our signature hood which houses a camera and dual monitors so class participants can see up close what’s happening on the cooking and preparation surfaces. 

When set up in Kitchen Lab format there are 12 self-contained stainless steel cooking stations. Each of these has multiple power outlets to run burners, blenders, or slow cookers independently. Additionally, each cart is fully equipped with a complement of home-style pots, pans and hand held cooking tools. There is a built-in waste disposal chute for each cart as well. The Kitchen can also be set up in a lecture or seminar style format using tables and chairs.



What is the kitchen meeting space?

The Kitchen at Second Harvest also houses a semi private meeting space adjacent to the teaching kitchen. This is used as a gathering space and dining area after cooking classes. Class participants enjoy sitting down to eat and join in community with each other. This space, as well as the teaching kitchen can be rented for a fee and is subject to calendar availability.

What is the production kitchen?

The commercial kitchen at Second Harvest is a separate, access controlled production facility with the capacity to process and prepare larger quantities of product for distribution. 

This kitchen is equipped with institutional grade appliances including:
  • Commercial 6-burner gas stove
  • Convection Oven
  • Steam jacketed kettle – 20 gallon
  • Tilt Skillet – 20 gallon 
  • Commercial Ice Machine
  • CMA VL-180 High temperature, vent less dishwasher
  • Kitchen Hand Tools
  • Stainless steel prep tables
  • Under mount refrigerator
  • Food Prep and storage containers 
  • Ample storage space in our adjacent walk-in cooler and freezer