Newsletter - Winter 2018

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Feeding Hope: Jamie's Story

Jamie thought cooking was going to be complicated—until she began coming to Second Harvest’s Community Classes in The Kitchen. …READ MORE

Feeding Hope: RC's Story

“Do you know how difficult it is to find a cooking teacher?” RC leaned across the table in Second Harvest’s Volunteer Center,…READ MORE

Feeding Hope: Sada's Story

If you’ve been to one of the Kitchen’s Community Classes, you’ve likely met Sada.  She’s the one smiling in the front…READ MORE


October 25, 2018 Nicholas held 15-month-old Ember, his daughter, in his arms as he moved through the line to receive food at a Mobile Market in…READ MORE

Hydrate Your Way To Health: Refreshing Summer Drinks!

There’s nothing better on a hot, summer day than a cold, refreshing drink.  But many popular drinks are loaded with sugar—something…READ MORE

Get To Know Tofu

What comes to mind when you hear the word “tofu”?  For some, it’s a delicious, versatile ingredient used in many different…READ MORE

Summertime BBQ Salads & Sides: Ideas For Your Next Cookout

Summer is a time when friends and family gather outside to enjoy good food and good company.  But no one ever wants to show up to a barbeque…READ MORE

Spruce Up Your Salad!

The warm weather is here, and that brings us lots of delicious raw produce perfect for salads!  But salads don’t have to be just an…READ MORE

The Incredible Bulk: Cooking Dry Ingredients

Is there a difference between canned and dry goods?  Well, it turns out there is.  Dry beans, lentils, and grains are not only super…READ MORE