Mother’s Day: Ways Kids Can Help in the Kitchen

May 10, 2024


Breakfast in bed, the classic Mother’s Day gift! It is a sweet gesture but can sometimes be a little stressful with younger kids. Below are some common tasks that most children in these age ranges can do to create a fun cooking environment for a relaxing Mother’s Day breakfast in bed! The tasks listed below are estimated age ranges and may not apply to all children, so do not worry if yours are not able to do it all!


  • Babies usually aren’t much help in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean that they should not be involved!
  • Keep your baby safely away from the stove, in their rocker or highchair, but somewhere where they can still watch.
  • Let them touch and taste safe ingredients (no raw meat or really hot foods) and utensils to gain exposure.


  • Toddlers can help with easier tasks using their hands.
  • Rinsing fruits and vegetables and tearing herbs is a great way to get toddlers involved and learn about a variety of produce.
  • They can also help with pouring ingredients into bowls and mixing with their hands (might get messy!).


  • Preschoolers are able to help out more with the use of utensils.
  • Help your toddler to cut softer foods like bananas or spread peanut butter on toast with kid safe or plastic knives.
  • They can also roughly measure ingredients and help roll out dough.
  • Another great way to get your preschooler involved is to ask them to set the table with plates, cups, utensils, and a fun centerpiece that they can get creative with.

Elementary Aged

  • Children have typically gained a lot more control over their hands and motor skills by the time that they reach elementary school.
  • Help them practice these skills by letting them scoop muffin batter into the tin or using a can opener.
  • Children at this age can also help with cleaning dishes and putting groceries away.

Cooking together, not just on Mother’s Day, has so many benefits and is fun for the whole family! It is a great chance for bonding and creating memories and meaningful dishes with your loved ones. Studies have also found that kids are also more likely to try new foods when they are involved in the cooking process.

Delicious breakfast in bed recipe ideas to show Mom how much she means to you!:

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by Madelyn Brindza, WSU Dietetic Student Intern