The Ethylene Effect: Tips for Fresh Produce Year-Round

There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering brown spots on the bananas you bought yesterday or reaching for an onion in your pantry only…READ MORE

A River's Legacy: Earth Day Reflections from The Kitchen

Just a stone’s throw away from Second Harvest’s front door lies one of this region’s landmark natural resources, the Spokane River.…READ MORE

Preserving Fresh Flavors: A Guide to Drying Herbs at Home

In a world where groceries have become increasingly difficult to afford, finding ways to extend the life of fresh produce is not just practical but…READ MORE

Homemade Vegetable Broth

Despite our best efforts to reduce our food waste, it can sometimes be impossible to make it through a recipe without throwing away a carrot top or…READ MORE

Holiday Food Waste

Holiday Food Waste   Whether it’s a big family meal or sharing your favorite cookie with a loved one, connecting with others over…READ MORE

No Waste Jack-O-Lanterns

For my first pumpkin carving experience, I remember heading to the grocery store on a chilly October day with my parents to pick out our pumpkins. We…READ MORE

Reduce your food waste at home and at the store

April is Earth Month, and one of the ways we're celebrating it at Second Harvest is by thinking about ways to reduce our food waste. Up to 40…READ MORE

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