Cooking with YouTube

August 18, 2016

Does your schedule limit your ability to attend a cooking class? Want to see how a new recipe you're trying is made? Learning a new cooking skill at home? YouTube is a great resource for learning a variety of cooking skills and recipes, and offers a huge selection of videos for a variety of audiences. There is something for everyone. Here are a few starting points:

Manjula's Kitchen
Highlights: Manjula leads us step-by-step through several vegetarian Indian recipes. The page is divided by course, which can be helpful for meal planning.
You might like this channel if: you are a fan of Indian food, would like to try some new dishes, or are interested in diversifying your diet.
Channel Link:

Highlights: This upbeat and excited channel is led by four men leading cooking demonstrations for a variety of foods. What I found was particularly interesting is the sub-section called "3 Things to do with..." which gives three not commonly thought of recipe ideas for common kitchen staples (potatoes, eggs, etc.).
You might like this channel if: you struggle to come up with recipe ideas for a typical kitchen staple ingredient, are looking for new ideas for entertaining and feeding groups, or prefer upbeat videos to follow.
Channel Link:

Hilah Cooking
Hilah Cooking emphasizes cooking simply: no overly fancy ingredients, kitchenware, or techniques. This page features a great balance of both cooking and baking. The Cooking Basics section also has short videos to learn any basic cooking skills you may not be familiar with.
You might like this channel if: you are just learning how to scratch cook, want to gain new cooking skills, or don't have a lot of cookware.
Channel Link:

YouTube has many benefits as a cooking tool. You can pause, rewind, and you can move at your own pace. If you are interested in using YouTube as a tool for learning how to cook, take time to check out other pages and find a channel that works for you and fits your needs.