15 Reasons to Cook from Scratch

January 28, 2016

Been looking to start scratch cooking a bit more? This blog post from the Huffington Post lays out one person's first-hand experience with what they learned from cooking all their meals from scratch. Whether you are just interested in cooking from scratch, would like to learn more about fresh ingredients, or need to eat scratch-cooked meals for a health reason, this article outlines many benefits from adding more scratch meals into your diet. The author goes into detail about each of their reasons to scratch cook.

The Kitchen at Second Harvest aims to empower clients to learn and use scratch cooking skills and to increase joy around food. Our cooking classes provide a great starting point to learn scratch cooking skills, talk about your experiences with others, make a full meal from scratch, and nutrition education tips. Each person has their own unique experience when it comes to food. What motivates you about food? Do you like scratch cooking? What is your favorite thing to cook?