November 1, 2018

October 25, 2018

Nicholas held 15-month-old Ember, his daughter, in his arms as he moved through the line to receive food at a Mobile Market in the Millwood area.  He attended this Mobile Market—his sixth in the past couple of years—because his family “could use a boost.”  And Nicholas knew he wasn’t alone in that.  Shortly before the event, he went door-to-door in his neighborhood to tell people about the free food distribution.  “There are so many people that can be helped by this,” he said.

A stay-at-home dad of two, Nicholas is no stranger to good food.  He began working in food service management at age 17—until five years ago, when an injury prevented him from continuing to work.  Much of his family’s money goes toward his medical bills.  He and his wife are also saving to buy a car, as theirs was recently totaled, and they haven’t had the funds to pay for a new one.

The food he receives at the Mobile Market helps ease the stress of buying food for his family.  When at the grocery store, he often faces the question, “But can I afford that?”  With the Mobile Market, he doesn’t have to ask himself that question quite so frequently.

“This could be $50 to $100 worth of food … It could really stretch a family.”

Because Nicholas has experience in the food industry, he enjoys using the food he receives at the Mobile Market to make meals for his family.  “It’s nice to be able to do something for them.  I cook, so I can make something tasty for them.  It builds them up.”

Nicholas has seen the way Mobile Markets can benefit entire neighborhoods.  He wishes even more people took advantage of the opportunity to receive healthy food at no cost.  “This is to boost communities.  This is not because you’re poor.”