Volunteer Spotlight: Callie

October 23, 2015

Callie is in the Kitchen Volunteer spotlight this month. She attended a volunteer orientation in August and has helped out at several scratch cooking classes since then. As a Gonzaga student (she's a recent grad) Callie provided input to early planning meetings about marketing and sharing the Kitchen resource with the Second Harvest Community. 

I asked Callie why she chooses to volunteer in the Kitchen and she said: "I love to be in the kitchen, so I want to share that passion with others, while also teaching people how to cook nutritiously."

Callie teaching a scratch cooking technique.

Thank you Callie for your support and helping others learn to scratch-cook whole foods. 

If you're interested in volunteering in the kitchen please consider attending a volunteer orientation November 4th from 1-4 PM. Click here to go directly to the registration page. Please contact Jandy at 252-6246 or email at jandyl.doak@2-harvest.org with questions.