About Our Classes

A variety of community cooking and food literacy classes are available through The Kitchen at Second Harvest. These sessions emphasize preparation of scratch cooked, whole food, seasonal and affordable foods aimed at lasting dietary changes. 

The Kitchen is a place where people come together to get excited about cooking, develop skills to be more confident in the kitchen and become more knowledgeable about the foods we eat. Our goal is to help our cooks build healthy habits and make better food choices that improve their nutrition while reducing the incidence of diet-related chronic illness.

Community Cooking Classes

These classes are offered for free to participants in communities facing health disparities. Curriculum is designed to teach positive food choices through a hands on and experiential approach to cooking with products resourced through food banks. Homework, social support and peer modeling are key components of this strategy.

Public Cooking Classes

The Kitchen at Second Harvest offers classes that teach fundamental cooking skills, diverse cuisines and eating whole foods that are seasonally and locally sourced when possible. Class prices start at $30, all proceeds from these courses support free cooking classes for families in need. Check our calendar for upcoming opportunities.

Nutrition Ambassadors

Do you want to help others learn what it means to prepare foods well and eat healthy? We offer volunteer opportunities to become certified as ‘Nutrition Ambassadors.’ This is an opportunity to expand the impact of the kitchen beyond the individual level and to influence families and communities with outbound educational opportunities. Email Volunteer Coordinator Allie Moore to learn more.

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