Printables & Signage

Using printables and signage in your food bank is a great way to promote healthy choices and balance for your clients. Seeing bright visuals is a strategy promoted by Feeding America to "prime" your clients to opt for healthy choices when in your food bank. 

Check out the following resources for a variety of printables. Use some of the final signage however will suit your food bank the best. Some ideas we have are to:

  • Post MyPlate Food Group signs in areas with those food groups
    • Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Protein, and Dairy 
  • Use shelf tags to encourage whole food products
  • Have handouts available for clients to learn about healthy choices
  • Supplement cooking demonstrations
  • Make walls of your food bank more colorful
  • Spark conversations about health
  • Team Nutrition
  • Seasonal Produce Guide