May Volunteer Spotlight: Madison Zenke

May 10, 2016

Madison Zenke is in the Kitchen Volunteer Spotlight this May. Madison has been a critical part of the Kitchen team by helping out and leading demonstrations as a Community Cooking Night Volunteer Chef.

Madison continues to volunteer with the Kitchen because it gives her a chance to get to know people in she might otherwise not get to know and helps her to feel more part of the community in Spokane. She likes volunteering for classes because she likes that it provides clients with recipes and ideas of what to make with common food pantry items.

Madison found her interest in scratch cooking through learning to bake. Her favorite recipe that she likes to share are peanut butter cookies and other baked desserts. She was able to share her interest for baking in our Community Cooking night back in April by demonstrating Jalapeño Biscuits.

We will miss Madison as she heads out of Spokane and back home for summer break, but look forward to seeing how she will be involved and lead in the fall. Thanks for all you do Madison!