Resource: Good Food on a Tight Budget

April 8, 2016

The Environmental Working Group has created a helpful guide about making healthy food choices on a budget. You can find the link for this free and downloadable guide here. The guide goes through each major food group and provides tips for what to look out for on labels, reading nutrition facts, and commonly confused terms associated with different food items (ie. multi-grain).

Other major topics of this guide include:

  • Planning meals ahead of time
  • Making big batches of meals to freeze 
  • Buying commonly used ingredients in bulk
  • Buying foods with a long shelf life
  • An overview of available food assistance benefits
  • Healthy substitutions

Additionally, Using your local food pantry as a way to obtain fresh produce or other more expensive items is a way to save money for your grocery trip or other parts of your budget.

Looking for a pantry in your area? Check out to find your local food bank or meal center.