Cooking with Pulses

August 4, 2016

We talk a lot about lentils in the kitchen at Second Harvest. They're chameleons of nutrition and flavor in that they combine well with nearly every spice or herb and are packed with protein, fiber and antioxidants. They are also available inexpensively at nearly any grocery store. The US Pea and Lentil Commission has put together an amazing resource for consumers of pulse crops at This website is full of recipes, nutritional facts about pulses, tips on playing with kids in the kitchen and a blog with entries from guest chefs and their favorite recipes incorporating lentils, split peas, garbanzos and more. 

Some of my favorite recipes on the site are the Chicken Schwarma Lentil Dip because I love to dip veggies and crackers and the Chickpea Gingersnaps because I love Ginger. The photos below are re-posts from their website. 

Chicken Schwarma Lentil Dip

Chickpea Gingersnaps

I am amazed by the foods and flavor profiles that we can create using these locally grown and nutritionally dense products. Try your own pulse receipe at home and post a photo of the dish tagging Second Harvest on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #thekitchenatsecondharvest and we may feature your creation on our blog.