Youth Culinary Club in Pullman

October 13, 2016

Joe Astorino,  garden manager at Pullman’s Community Action Center, is using a partnership with Lincoln Middle School in Pullman to start  The Culinary Club, a student club that meets twice a month to gets students cooking and engaged with what they eat. At each club meeting, students come together to learn a new skill and recipe, focusing on skills that can be applied to a variety of recipes. Astorino hopes to see students gain confidence in preparing food, enthusiasm for how it tastes and knowledge about what’s in it and what it does for their bodies. Check out the full article here.

One unique aspect about this cooking club is engaging students in where food comes from and incorporating those skills into the cooking process. At their first meeting in January, club members learned how to make cinnamon raisin bread, grinding their own flour in the process.

Teaching youth scratch cooking skills at a young age plays a large role in enthusiasm for food into adulthood. What other youth cooking education efforts do you know of happening  in our community?