Partner Spotlight: Flour Farm

February 14, 2019

Dave DuPree and Teri Delany brought some flour power to The Kitchen at Second Harvest—gluten-free flour, that is. Dave and Teri own and operate Flour Farm, an organic, gluten-free flour company started in Spokane. Now, they’re sharing their knowledge of how to use the flour with people in The Kitchen.

During a free cooking class at Second Harvest on February 5th, Teri led participants through chicken stew, dumplings and magic bars—all made with their gluten-free flour. “The goal tonight is to have fun, meet people up close, and reassure them that cooking gluten free can be easy and just as delicious without gluten,” said Dave. That proved true as the smell of magic bars baking—imagine butterscotch and coconut—filled The Kitchen.

Jessica has been gluten-free for more than two years and attended the class with her husband and two of her children. She cooks gluten-free for herself and her oldest daughter, who both decided to eliminate gluten from their diets due to health issues—which have now gone away. “Not everyone is going gluten-free because it’s a fad,” said Jessica. She was excited about the class not only because she would learn some new recipes, but also because it normalized gluten-free eating for her daughter, who is often excluded from treats at school and birthday parties. “It’s so good, especially for my daughter, to not feel so strange,” said Jessica.

Jessica and her daughter are exactly the kind of people Dave and Teri envisioned helping through their company. Both Dave and Teri have gluten sensitivities themselves and noticed positive health changes when they made the switch to a gluten-free diet. But they know that cooking gluten free can be challenging, so they created a flour that serves as the foundation for a variety of gluten-free recipes—without sacrificing flavor. After much research, several farm visits, and lots of recipe testing, they officially began their business in 2017 and started selling their flour on Amazon. And they reached out to Second Harvest to direct some of their profits to feed people facing hunger.

“Hungry people here in the breadbasket of the Inland Northwest seems criminal,” said Dave. “Second Harvest is wonderfully organized and does exactly what the motto, ‘Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope’ says. Fifty percent of all of our website sales profits are being donated to Second Harvest, and it gives us more energy to reach bigger and bigger sales goals.”

Dave and Teri will continue to put food on the tables of people facing hunger as their retail business expands from local grocery stores in Spokane to stores in several west coast states in the coming months.

You can find the gluten-free recipes Teri taught in class on The Kitchen’s website—and even more Flour Farm recipes here. In the meantime, keep your eye out for a paid gluten-free cooking class taught by Teri and Dave this spring. Proceeds from this class will help fund Second Harvest’s free Community Classes.

Thank you, Dave and Teri, for using your flour power to feed people facing hunger in our community!